Tips, tricks, and recommendations

For this little note, I thought that I would give you all (that I can remember) the tips, tricks, and recommendations that I have gathered and learned over the past 2.5 years. These are not all my own ideas, nor are they going all going to work for you so please don’t take them for your own gospel.

If you are suffering from nausea during your pregnancy, Preggie Pop Drops are amazing! They were one of the only things that actually helped me.

Actually read and prepare for breastfeeding well before you give birth if that is something that you are wanting to attempt. Also remember that if you can’t or don’t want to breastfeed, that is OKAY!! Fed is best!!!!!!! (I will post more on that subject at a later date.

When making your baby’s mattress, I read somewhere that it’s very helpful to do it in layers as follows: waterproof mattress pad, sheet, waterproof mattress pad, sheet and so forth for whatever your preference is. I liked to do 3 layers when Darcy was younger, but now I just do two layers. This is extremely helpful if your child has reflux/tummy troubles or if you’re in the learning about diaper sizes stage.

Diapers… I didn’t know that you “should” place your child in a nighttime diaper when they start sleeping through the night. I thought that a diaper was a diaper and it would all be okay. I was very wrong. So, learn from my mistakes and realize that they make nighttime diapers for when your little one starts to sleep through the night. If you don’t want to do the actual nighttime diapers (because lets be real, they’re very overpriced), you can use the next size up and it should work roughly the same.

Bottle nipples come in different sizes. Who would have thought this?!? So when your child starts to struggle with drinking from the bottles, go up a size. We went through every single bottle out there before we realized this. The sizes should be listed on the packaging. They usually say the “normal” age ranges for that size, but that’s silly to me because every child is completely different. Darcy was 3 months old and using the 6 month sized nipples.

Go with your gut! I wife by my gut, I nurse (my job) by my gut, so why did I think that I shouldn’t parent by my gut? Yeah, I’m not sure. But you should totally trust your mama instincts!! Those things are great, guys. You won’t always be 100% correct in everything, but you will get pretty close to it so don’t doubt yourself.

Start looking for a pediatrician early on in your pregnancy because they fill up fast! Or maybe that’s just my area. Read reviews online and ask around to those you know personally about who they trust their kids to see. Also, pray about it.

Don’t be afraid to ask your ob/gyn all of the questions that you have. They are there for you, and if they aren’t, don’t be afraid to change. Fight for yourself and baby. You guys are worth it!

Plug into a mom’s group on Facebook (but be careful to not take everything to heart), or a mom’s group at your church, or in your area. You will need mom friends! I know that you probably think that you won’t need a mom friend because you think that all friends are the same, but there is something about having a friend that is a mom to kids around your kid’s age. They understand what you’re going through, around the same time that you’re going through it. Mom life changes you in so many ways.

While I’m thinking about it, give yourself some much needed grace right now because you’re going to overthink/analyze and become so wrapped up in your kids that you’re going to go a little crazy, become a tad obsessed, and just overall need to remember that you’re partner is why you have this child(ren), and that you’re still a person too. Take a few minutes every day to remember that you are still someone away from them.

Do not forget your marriage/husband! Go out on dates, spend alone time with them, let them help you, make them help you. It’s so important.

My area has a wonderful resource for parents that lists all of the local kid friendly things/events/places to go see/do/sign up for. See if your area has something similar because you are going to want to do all of the things.

Check out Music Together classes (if your area has one) or any other type of music class in your area for babies/little kids. Music is a key part in helping your child learn to read/talk/walk/move/all the things. I started Darcy in one when she was 3 months old and I think that it was one of the best things that I was able to do with my child. If they don’t have something like this in your area, just go old school and play music and dance with your child and move them to the beat. Amazon has great, cheap musical instrument kits.

Read to your child! Get in the floor and play with your child! Stop worrying about the chores and just spend time with your child! I get it, having a clean house is great, but your child needs you more than a spotless house. I am very much a type A person and need my order or else I feel like everything else is going to fall apart, but I have never regretted spending time with my girl over having a clean house.

Take your toddler to the park. Even if you think that they won’t be able to really do anything there yet, let them experience it and get use to it.

Invest in a big, waterproof picnic blanket. I didn’t realize that it would be so helpful or useful.

I know that I have a ton more that I could mention, but I think that this is a good starting point. Remember, this is just me and my opinion. Take what you want and leave the rest.

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I am a God fearing wife, mother, daughter, and weekend nightshift ICU nurse. I love being with my family, crafting, and reading.

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